Comic Book - Rated - Mature
May contain moderate violence, mild profanity, graphic imagery and/or suggestive themes and other content suitable only for older readers.
Created and Written by: Matthew Cargal
Illustrated by: Joe Desantos

The Comic Mike Knight, a superpowered standup comedian, becomes a star while working blue on the stage and red in the streets.

A hilarious adult-themed 22 page full-color comic book following the rise of The Comic, Mike Knight. Get your digital copy today.

about The Author

Matthew Cargal is a first time Creator/Writer currently residing in St. Louis, MO. Matthew has always been a fan of comics and has always had the dream to create his own comic. With inspiration from his loving family and with the help of Joe, The rise of The Comic is here.

about The illustrator

Joe Desantos is a veteran freelance artist currently residing in St. Louis, MO. Joe has worked for Catalyst Comics, Iron Gate Comics, Egocentric Comic and Games, and Superlicious Comics most recently, and has enjoyed illustrating professionally for many years.